Brainwashed Into Stupidity and Death – Wake Up World

A documentary on the way young men are radicalised into terrorism showed that the most outstanding feature in it is their desire to get to Paradise. They long for martyrdom and believe Allah will provide them with women and a palace in death. This desire overrides any common sense or logical explanation to the contrary. Such a place does not exist as confirmed by my reincarnation memory and knowledge brought with me of the Spirit of the Universe, the real God.

The use of sex as an incentive to carry out their deadly deeds is telling because Muslim women are not available to them before marriage. Restricting such normality in communities is practiced by all religions that benefit when people seek peace and solace through them. It also favors politics as the people are more easily controlled when everyone believes the same thing.

There is no evidence of such a place as Paradise anywhere but the young men featured in the video are so convinced that they are even despise their parents who try to convince them of their error. So by what powerful piece of magic do they go on with their dream.

Indoctrination from a young age is one way as it impresses on them certain elements that remain as triggers in later life. They grow up believing that martyrdom is the best way to win approval of ‘Allah’ their God. But who is this deity?

‘Allah’ comes from an earlier term ‘el-a’ which means ‘god of power’ and it relates to the sun. The sun-star sits on the flag of Islam cradled in the arms of the crescent moon. It is also an iconic image in the Kaaba, at Mecca, to which Muslims make a pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime. The video on the Internet titled ‘inside the Kaaba’ shows it.

The sun is no god and the deception these people are under who believe in the claim of what awaits them for killing others is all man-made for power and control. They are brain-washed into stupidity and death is their reward because there is nothing waiting for them afterwards.

Don’t Bargain Under These Circumstances

Bargain means a method to strike a deal or settlement through an interaction involving two or more persons. It’s a negotiation made to arrive at a mutual answer or agreement. Bargain is very popular among the business communities for generating profits. However, it is very common in daily life. Parents strike a deal with the kids to motivate the latter for good performance and discipline by promising a gift or anything the children wish. Trade union leaders bargain with business owners to win favors for themselves and the workers. Globally, countries bargain for securing rights to the ownership and use of resources. However, one should desist from bargaining under the following situations.

Purchase of Handmade goods. Any person will appreciate the intricate skill and manual labour that go into the production of beautiful handicrafts and artefacts such as stone and wooden carvings. Naturally, one shall not bargain when buying such artistic goods.

Small-time traders. No one bargains with the big showrooms when purchasing the jewelry or textile. Because it becomes an issue of ego and insult to their status. However, the same people argue with the petty traders and hawkers for reducing the prices of commodities like vegetables, fruits, etc.

Health matters. Growth and upkeep are the two vital components of human health. A person should never compromise the health through over-smartness of cutting down the food intake or rest. In fact, money spent for good nourishment is the best investment one can ever make. Because, wealth cannot make a person happy without good health.

Medical treatment. Any serious illness requires proper medical treatment. There are people who lost their loved ones due to the bargain made in getting cheap medication and treatment. However, one should be alert as not to be cheated by the medical profession. A popular hospital collected double the normal fees from a person after knowing the high post he occupied in a government office. But when this person pointed out the double standards of the hospital, the latter refunded half the fees to him. Therefore, one can collect the cost details from the best three hospitals and analyze to arrive at the cheapest but the most reliable one.

Charities. Any donation done out of compulsion will lead to a bargain only. Parents are forced to shell out donations to get admission in a good school or college. Corporates donate to the political parties expecting a favor in return. The owner of a business approached the staff of a bank that sanctioned certain credit limits to his firm, to donate to a trust and avail the benefit of income tax exemption. He also arranged funds from his business for making this purpose.

When helping others, do not expect anything in return. That too, when somebody is in distress, bargaining for personal and pecuniary gains is an inhuman act.

Emergencies. No transport will be available to reach the rail or bus station during heavy rain. Someone suffers high fever or needs urgent medical care. In such circumstances, a person must not waste time in bargaining with the taxi or auto drivers for reaching the destination or hospital.

Leaders Are Mostly Common Men With an Uncommon Grit and Integrity

‘There is always room at the top’ is a well know axiom. Leaders are men and women viewed as those living in elevated chambers whether physically are domiciled in such spaces or not.

Who are leaders? Those who occupy positions of power and rule? Rulers at times resort, by option or compulsion, to grossly unwanted practices of suppression, force and encroachment. Such practitioners of unaccepted ways of governance also go by the name of leaders. History books abound in the names of personalities who can be categorized under both the headings.

Functioning in a totally different style, we come across, though in negligible numbers, some of the best among the human species, who do not claim any authority but still work all through their lives with a commitment towards the common good of fellow beings. Their whole energy is consumed by their single passion to make the world a better place to live.

A world of information exists as to how a Gandhi, a Lincoln have struggled to groom themselves and to evolve as they finally turned out to be. And an equal, if not more, quantum of discussion goes on about men who were totally antitheses to the values and principles for which either Gandhi or Lincoln or anyone of their ilk stood for.

Leadership is surely not a stagnant pond of sorts; it is a vivaciously flowing stream of ideas, ideologies, conflicts and compromises.

True leaders, irrespective of the age in which they lived and functioned, maintained a lively and inspirational face-to-face with every minute of their life. Leadership is often mistook and portrayed as something of a boxing game. In fact, it is a silent but poignant transition from moment to moment, and year to year all through the breathing time.

The process of blooming in the life a leader never rests nor seldom makes a pause. The brook flows on. A very important feature seen in the personality of any true leader is their total indifference to the adulation they generate or the fame they accumulate while they carry on their work with utmost devotion and concentration. And conversely, if someone, even if now and then gets worried as to he is not being worshipped, the person can be safely written as non-leader stuff of sorts. Leaders travel on their chosen path constantly upgrading their thoughts, their value systems and move ahead even as they unconsciously sprinkle their fragrance all along their path.

Leaders never creep and restrict themselves into time-tested molds of behavior and execution. Outgrowing beyond all qualities of mediocrity, they lead people around them.


a ) volunteer to shoulder responsibility; they never blame others over their faltering.
b) readily invite and assimilate all constructive criticism.
c) evaluate themselves with a great sense of objectivity and balance and
d) remain close to what is honest and distance themselves from all that is even vaguely dubious.

Also, leaders never get themselves surrounded by men who are their distant replicas and there by

continuously play the trumpets of their boss. A true leader knows pretty well that dependable information never reaches him through such sycophants.

Leaders, further, are ahead of their own times. They consciously choose paths less traveled in preference to the visibly green roadways. In the course of their journey, they make the rugged terrains they travel bloom.

A leader discovers an answer to every conflict and puzzle he encounters. He sincerely believes that without a risk, advancement is almost not plausible. In any journey towards higher goals, the leader knows, a slip now and then inevitable.